September 26, 2012

Cross Fit will get you in 'sick' shape

To many of you, Cross Fit is old news. These gyms have been around forever and have quite a strong following. 

Let me tell you about how I heard about Cross fit: Hubby began training at a new sweaty boxing gym (don't worry, it's also on our list to try). He came home one day telling me about this gym that's in the same building, and how the people who walk out every night are "in sick shape". So of course I had to try.

This was a tough post to write. Initially  I tried to separate the pro's from the con's and then I quickly  realized that one person's con could be another's pro.  Instead I've bulleted major points, hoping that it will speak differently to everyone.

Boot Camp using Circuit style rotations
This place incorporates a whole bunch of training techniques and jam packs them into one well rounded workout which may include: pushups, pull-ups, deadlifts, squats, gymnastics, kettle bells, running and so much more. And yes, they will make you go outside and do some of your workout on the busy sidewalk.
Group Personal Training
The great thing about this place is that you are pretty much getting a personal trainer for less. When you show up the workout of the day will be on a white board, they'll explain what to do quick and then you get right to it. The trainers are there to provide help with form and to motivate you if they see you slacking (or scare you, haha jk.. am I?).

Women at Cross Fit
While Cross fit is a co-ed gym the men usually out number the  women. But please don't let that discourage any women from trying it.  There' s something cool about being able to hang with the guys. Doing side by side dead lifts with the boys will def. give you street cred.  And women won't get 'big' from this workout, there's no such thing, you will get in incredible shape tho.  That being said, there is a gritty sweaty smelly gym  atmosphere here. If you cannot get past this, skip this post and read about exhale spa or soul cycle (don't worry, I myself fall into this category).
Recovering from (or prone to) Injuries
I cannot stress to you enough how Cross fit is an excellent fully body work out. But for those of you who have  prior injuries  or are prone to getting new ones (I might fit in the later) I suggest you do a trial before committing to this gym. Since much of the workout is independent you will need to be extra mindful of keeping good form. And be sure to mention any prior injuries to your instructors at the beginning of any workout, this way they can offer proper modifications.

I was really looking forward to trying Crossfit. Once I'd started looking into it, I began daydreaming of rock hard abs in a bikini by next summer; hoping that this would be the workout that would trump everything else for me. But this was not the case. I like feeling  sore after a great workout but I literally couldn't walk for 3 days. I took the class on a friday evening and while visiting my family that weekend everyone kept asking me if I was ok? or what happened?. No joke I was hobbling around, God forbid I had to bend down to get something.  FML kinda sore. Thats when I knew this was a bit too much for me.

In the end this place will do exactly what my hubby saw, get you in 'sick shape'. That being said, it's not for everyone. The soul cycle, yoga, pilates types will be turned off by the rigidness and the lack of amenities (could a girl get a hair dryer?).  It must be noted that my experience is with the trial class only, although my husband now belongs to a cross fit gym and loves it!

Locations all over the Country
Rating- out of 5 sweatbands
Studio -3
Instructors- 4
Sweat factor- 5
Amenities- 1
Pricing- 5


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