September 14, 2012


If you live in NYC/LA/ Hamptons and haven’t heard of SoulCycle, then you must be living under a rock. Boutique spin classes have become all the rage lately, and celebrities are popping up on the bike next to you.  SoulCycle isn’t the only kid on the block, with a cult following at FlyWheel and the soon to hit NYC Revolve (ahhh can’t wait to check it out). But Soul will always be my first love… on a bike of course.

I was first introduced to SoulCycle by a dear friend who is still an avid rider. She found this spiritual high when she needed it most. I myself was hesitant to try, having past spinning experiences scare me off. Boy am I glad I finally came around. SoulCycle is amazing! The room is filled with a yoga like “om” energy, the workout burns a crazy amount of calories, and you get a killer full-body workout (yes arms and abs too,) all to a better playlist than what you’ve got stored on that old IPod.

The only downside to this place is the price $, which is why the woman next to you has double Cartier love bracelets on… that kind of expensive. This is no place for a girl on a budget, which is a shame. Not that I expect drastic price changes but some promotional packages every once in a while would  keep me coming back way more often. Of course with these prices the amenities are more than satisfactory (take a shower on the UES location… fluffy towels, great shampoo, lotions and soaps, pretty much the spa without the facials and massages). Space can be a bit tight (I’m looking at you UWS location) but some of the others are pure luxury (the UES recently had a huge expansion: 2 studios, tons of lockers and plenty of showers).  Most instructors have cult followings, so be ready to sign up just as classes open. First timers should drink plenty of water and expect your arms and butt to be sore the next day (you can ask for a bike cushion to prevent the butt part).

Rating- out of 5 sweatbands
Studio- 4
Instructors- 5
Sweat Factors-5
Amenities- 5
Pricing- 2

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