September 14, 2012

The Juice Press

Bow down at the temple of amazing 100% organic juices, smoothies, and raw foods! If you love organic fresh pressed juices and smoothies, or have been thinking of trying them this place is IT!

There is a huge selection of bottled juices ready to go, or made to order “super food” smoothies. They also offer organic salads, raw food snacks and meals to go, several juice cleanse options AND delivery! The only downside is the steep pricing (most juices and smoothies are around $10+) but they really are substantial enough to replace a full meal.  Considering the high quality ingredients, excellent nutritional value, and pricing of other lunch options around my office.... I'm in.
Prepare to get addicted and feel like a million $$.  

Rating- out of 5 apples

Nutrition- 5
Quality- 5
Taste- 5
Pricing- 3


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