October 26, 2012

Challenge: Working-Out with an Injury

So after all the excitement of Sweaty Saturday I couldn't participate… seriously disappointed. I was at my friends house the weekend before and attempted to remove my own big toe… ok not really, but I did enough damage that it looks like I actually tried.  I'll spare you the gruesome details, let's just say it involved a door and a lot  of  and some wine earlier in the day.  Thank God sandal season is over (or not, because the first 2 weeks  I couldn't get a shoe on.. Grrr).  Coldest week in October here in NY and I've got flip flops and a giant swollen bandaged toe.

In the grand scheme of things it's not a big deal, really more of an inconvenience. There was a lot of Advil, gauze, bandaging, ice, elevating, limping and wasted $$ on cabs to and from work.  The cabs killed me. Not only was I wasting  $30 A DAY (there goes that cute JCrew coat I was going to buy), but it's impossible to catch one during rush hour. I don’t know how my friend managed to get around this handicap-unfriendly city  with crutches after she tore her ACL.

The biggest problem was this Sweaty Girl couldn't workout. The first 2 weeks were NOT an option, the work day was hard enough. As soon as I got home that foot was soaking, elevated or covered with ice. But now the pain is gone, the wound is healing nicely and I've got to workout. Only I'm still healing and I don’t want to re-injure my toe which is still extremely sensitive.  Sweaty feet in sneakers are not an option, that's just asking for an infection.

Challenge: Working out with an Injury
Not just a modification, I need to get creative here. Strength training can be done.  Finding ways to get some cardio that uses minimal feet is a whole different challenge.

Here are the choices I found when trying to get some cardio in with a foot or leg injury:
 No Foot/Leg Cardio:
Hand Cycle Machine
Seated Shadow Boxing
 Minimal Foot/Leg Cardio:
Bicycle Crunches
Circuit training   (arm & abs exercises with no more than 30-60 seconds of rest between)
 Almost Healed Foot/Leg Cardio:
Kettle Bell Swings
Indoor Cycling (not an option for leg injuries that are not healed)

*****Always check with your Doctor before starting actives after an injury!!!!

I ended up just doing a combo of Circuit Training and Bicycle Crunches, which worked really well at keeping my heart rate up.  I'm happy to report that my toe is getting much better now and I am attempting  Yoga tonight.  I plan on getting back to most of my workouts by next week although I'll  hold off on running for a couple weeks (god, I LOVE having an excuse to skip this… actually I loved skipping all my workouts the last few weeks.  It gets so dark at night now I just want to run home to cuddle the dog and eat some pre-Halloween candy!)

"Who wouldn't want to cuddle with me?"
Anyone else have an injury that required changing your workout routine? Know of any other Cardio  workouts that work with injuries?

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