October 02, 2012

Green Power at Peacefood Cafe

This weekend I stopped in at my fav restaurant Peacefood Cafe. One of the best things about living on the Upper West Side (or should i say one of few things going on up here) is the choices for Vegan and Vegetarian. It seems like every time I look, something new is popping up.

Although I am not Vegan (so far I've given it two tries), I still love a good opportunity to load up on nutrient rich meals.  This place knows how to cook up some delicious dishes.  If for some reason you find yourself wandering the UWS (Union Square Location opening December 2012!!!!!) be sure to stop in and get anything on the menu. No really, I've tried most items and everything has been great.  Here are some of my most ordered items:
  • Fluffy Quinoa
  • Chickpea fries (a little curry in there it's like a party in your mouth)
  • Pan-Seared French Horn Mushroom Panini
  • Pan-Seared Shanghai-Style Dumplings (every day a woman comes up from china town to make these, seriously these dumplings will change your life)
  • And all the items from the pastry case… ok, but at least get a chocolate dipped  macaroon

The restaurant itself is nothing fancy, kind of diner meets bed and breakfast and service is quick. It's a fav for a quick meal or sometimes we do carry out. 

 This weekend I stopped in quick for their Green Power Smoothie: banana, mixed berries, orange juice, leaf vegetables, date, and spirulina.  It's super filling and extremely delicious! They've got a ton more smoothies and juices to choose from.

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