October 25, 2012

New York Sports Club

If you live in New York City (or the suburbs) it seems like you see a New York Sports Club every few blocks, which is how they lured me. I joined out of pure convenience. There is one directly across the street from my apartment, so I just went with it. I didn't shop around for the best deal or tour any other gyms. I just joined the one that I can see when I look out the window hoping that it would motivate me to go more often. The gym itself is not fancy or chic like some others in the city, but neither is the price, which I like. This location is clean and renovated and the locker rooms are nice. They do a good job of upgrading and maintaining the equipment, the hours are convenient and its rarely overcrowded. Overall this is a good gym that works for me because all I really use is a treadmill and some weights. They also offer quite a few group fitness classes, I have tested several over the years and some are pretty good, some not so much.

Not Impressed with the classes at NYSC
YOGA: I think I tried out every single yoga class and instructor because I really WANTED to like it. The classes GREATLY vary based on the teacher- Tuesday you might get a pretty good vinyasa flow class, then Friday could be more of a kindergarten nap time situation, it's basically a crap shoot. More continuity and accurate class descriptions would be an improvement, but I prefer my yoga studio.

PILATES: This class is not bad. I think we can all agree that Pilates Mat can be uncomfortable, difficult and kind of a B, but that probably means it's working. I am a long time lover of Pilates, and this class is actually worth showing up for!


BALLET TECHNIQUE: I also really enjoyed this class, it's a nice combination of barre work/sculpting and actual ballet movements. Best suited for someone with at least a basic ballet background. This is a fun, good workout and I would definitley go again to mix things up a bit.

Think this guy is tuckered out from spinning? Nope, he fell asleep!

SPIN: Uggghhhh. I saved this one for last because I literally can't think of a SINGLE nice thing to say. I thought I had signed up for this:

Climbing hills like it's my job
But what I actually got was more like this:

"Oh spinning? I do that with the gals at the senior center on Tuesday Mornings."

I will caveat this review by saying that A. I only went once, and B. SoulCycle has turned me into a totally biased spin snob. But still, this class sucked big time. BIG TIME. The "spin class" is in a gross, small room in a low ceiling basement. The bikes were about as old as my 80's teal Huffy beach cruiser, rickety, and made my bum knee flare up (it never usually bothers me during or after spinning). The instructor brought his C game at best that day, played the same three Katy Perry songs (NOT a fan) on repeat, and I'm pretty sure he was reading a magazine on his handle bars. Let's just say he seemed less than stoked to be there. After class on the way out I noticed he had brought his small dog in a bag! Really? You had to bring your dog to watch you sort of teach a crappy spin class? He/She must have been embarrassed, I would be.

New York Sports Club, overall a great gym with some good group fitness classes.

Rating- out of 5 sweatbands

Studio -4

Instructors- vary

Sweat factor- varies

Amenities- 4

Pricing- 4

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