November 01, 2012


Have you seen this Under Armour commercial? It's enough to get me to the gym even on my laziest of days, we're talking about some serious motivation here! Last week I was so inspired by this that I decided to do a "Sweat Every Day" challenge for 7 days.

Another inspiration for this challenge was a book I recently read, “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. It discusses the theory that humans are basically creatures of habit, and explores the idea that it is possible to reprogram these habits, and by doing so one can accomplish any goal. “Once you understand that habits can change,” he concludes, “you have the freedom — and the responsibility — to remake them. Once you understand that habits can be rebuilt, the power becomes easier to grasp, and the only option left is to get to work.”


The 7 day challenge I came up with was pretty simple, just complete any one of my usual workouts every day for 7 consecutive days. Here's how I "got to work";

Day 1 Saturday- I went to SoulCycle at 5pm with Denis and was a little tired from Friday night, but you can't miss SoulCycle! Once that 24 hour cancellation window has passed you're locked in my friend! Denis is my favorite instructor, he is motivational without getting all drill sergeant on you. He makes you want to work harder for you, not for fear of being yelled at, which I like.

Day 2 Sunday- I woke up to another gorgeous fall day and went to a Laughing Lotus Yoga level 2 class at noon with Francesca who was subbing in for Dana Flynn that day. Her class is not quite as energetic and sweaty, but not many things really are- shout out to DTF! The class was great though, afterwards I rewarded myself by walking down to the LES/ Chinatown for a 30 min massage (only$20!!).

Day 3 Monday- Mondays are arguably my "least likely to workout" day, I usually work late and just cannot be bothered, it's Monday. I woke up feeling a bit like the Tin Man- stiff and sore, but I got a 4pm coffee hoping it would help me power through. Ended up working late and REALLY REALLY was not feeling it, but forced myself to go and did the bare minimum of 30 minutes on the treadmill and made sure to stretch out really well after.

Feling like this guy on Monday- Tik Toc, a tin man/ robot hybrid

Day 4 Tuesday- I woke up early and did another 30 minutes on the treadmill before work to make up for my slacking off the day before. Then went back after work for a 30 minute weights circuit and 30 minutes on the treadmill. What can I say, other than I totally CRUSHED IT today.

Day 5 Wednesday- I went to Laughing Lotus Yoga at 7pm with Emily- felt pretty good today (not dragging a**) and continued to feel good throughout a sweaty / difficult class. Success!!

Day 6 Thursday- Went to Laughing Lotus Yoga at 6:30 with Ali- woke up today SO.TIRED. and a little sore, but dutifully packed up my yoga clothes for later. Felt good at yoga, but daaaang that was a tough class, Ali brought the HEAT that night- seriously I was totally sweaty at about the 10 minute mark....


Day 7 Friday- Usually another hard day for me to workout because either A. I'm rushing to change and go out after work, or B. I'm super tired and just want to go home and get in to bed. So I decided an AM workout would be the best bet. Yea... well the alarm went off and it was waaay too early (and dark). When I did wake up an hour later I felt pretty good considering. I thought for sure my body would be a wreck after this week. Then I got invited out for drinks after work, I was afraid of something like this happening. Of course I had to go and have a couple glasses of wine, but I did make it home early, so (pat on the back) after a little down time and some food I got up, pumped the 90's hip hop station on Pandora and got to work on my living room weights circuit/ pilates routine (don't laugh, it's awesome). I cranked that out for about 30 minutes, then scrubbed my bathtub which also counts as a workout! (all in all a pretty wild Friday night, lol).

Day 8 Saturday- That’s right, day 8- BOOM! I went to SoulCycle at 2pm with Christine- I had signed up for this class earlier in the week without really noticing that it would be day 8, also apparently I am a complete masochist now! Well, just my luck this class was BA-NAN-AS- Christine is CRAZY, but I loved her! She really pushes you hard, no joke!


SO I made it through my challenge and then some, and I noticed that since I was looking at my workouts as "have to" rather than my usual "if I feel like" I was able to do so much more!
Try thinking of exercise like a job, even if only for a week because if you only went to work when you really felt like it, how often would you really go?
Put the clothes on and show up and you might surprise yourself.

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