October 12, 2012

Vegan Divas- Delicious for any Sweet Tooth

I am not a vegan. Nor am I a vegetarian, strictly organic, gluten free, kosher or anything that requires a lot of effort or planning. I just try to eat as healthily as possible, which for me means whole foods over processed, mostlty fish over meat, and lots of fruits & veggies. HOWEVER sugar, alcohol and peanut butter are often totally fair game. This "philosophy" is one of the main reasons I work out as much as I do, and why it's always exciting to find lower calorie versions of "bad" foods. But regardless of dietary restrictions (or convenient loose dietary philosophies like mine) who doesn't love delicious deserts? And if they happen to be vegan, all natural, kosher, organic or gluten free with extra protein and fiber that is just a BONUS, right?

Vegan Divas opened a flagship store in my neighborhood, so naturally I had to go test several of their desserts purely for research. This stuff is seriously delicious, and not like "vegan good" or "low calorie good", just really damn GOOD. Aside from the Upper East Side store, the products are sold all over NYC, Long Island, and Westchester County which might make it easier to test out an amazing brownie or coconut macaroon (my favorites) for yourself.

I also love that the owner, Fernanda Capobianco is a board member of The New York Coalition of Healthy School Foods, a non-profit that promotes nutrition education and healthier food options in public schools. Cheers Vegan Divas!


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