October 18, 2012

Yoga, drinks and more at The Cobra Club


I recently heard about the Cobra Club and was excited to check it out because it's a hybrid of several of my favorite things; yoga, coffee and cocktails! This sounded so intriguing I was even willing to trek out to Brooklyn after work, and not just Brooklyn BUSHWICK. I have only been to Bushwick a few times and this is definitely the deepest I have ventured in. I am clearly not as cool or hip as the kids who live in Bushwick (or even Greenpoint/ Williamsburg) but I get a distinct Zombie apocalypse vibe out there, so many deserted warehouses and dark quiet streets....

Although it is in a gritty area to say the least, the space is very cool. It's a coffee shop/cafe/bar with a large outdoor space and a yoga studio in the back. The class was cheap! ($13 for a 90 minute class), the studio is newly renovated and charming, and the instructor was great (and I can be picky). This was not the energetic, athletic, challenging, "sweat your face off" yoga that I usually do (and love) but it was a nice change. The class was super relaxing with lots of deep stretches.

Afterwards I changed clothes and ventured out to the bar for a Teenager from Mars (Prosecco, Aperol and club soda). Does doing yoga then enjoying a delish cocktail immediately after sound counterproductive? Maybe, but what the heck, I made it home relaxed and sans zombie attack, so I'd say it was a successful night.

Rating- out of 5 sweatbands
Studio -5
Instructors- 4
Sweat factor- 1
Amenities- 3

6 Wyckoff Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11237

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