November 15, 2012

30th Year Resolution

Some of my friends  had a hard time turning 30. Moping that they didn't achieve certain goals by the time, sad that the partying of their 20's are coming to an end, or just the realization that you are finally an adult.

I don't feel the same, I believe that you're setting yourself up for failure thinking that you can put a time limit on goals, that you don't actually know how to truly party in your 20's (due to lack of finances, resources and just immaturity) and that you've been an adult for years now, only you just realized it.

As 30 creeps around the corner I've decided to meet it head-on. Instead of a New Year's Resolution this year I decided to have a 30th Year Resolution.

I'm going to spend the 30th year of life getting into the Best Shape of My Life.  Because I've wanted to get there and I've needed something to push me in that direction. There's no goal weight, pant size or pair of jeans that I need to fit (but  of course, I wouldn’t mind if fitting in my jeans from college was a side effect). Because it's not about those things. It's about feeling energized, taking care of my body, and just making myself feel good. For myself and no one else.  And my goal starts December 1, 2012. I know, just in time for the holiday season, which is fine. I can have a few holiday cookies without having a dozen.

Part of that goal included this blog. I kind of have to keep up on my fitness if I'm going to be blogging about it. How can you be out of shape with NYC as your playground?

Also, I signed up for the New York City Half Marathon, yay!!

This will be my longest run EVER! I'm not that into running but I really wanted to try it.  I'm pretty slow and my face remains red for several hours after my run but I have a goal and I'm going to do it. Who knows, maybe there's a full marathon in my future. Doubt it... but you never know, everyone has to start somewhere.

Please leave any advice you can give, either on the training for the half or hitting your first milestone birthday.

And feel free to send me some motivation, I'm sure I'll be needing it.

I'll be sure to post on how my training is going ;)

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