November 28, 2012

EXCEED FITNESS- Exceeded our Expectations

We first heard about Exceed through our favorite fitness event- Sweaty Saturday and it quickly jumped to the top of our list of exciting new workouts to try. The studio on the Upper East Side is modern, spacious and has fantastic locker rooms with nice amenities (even hair ties if you forget!). A quick look at the instructor's bios on the website reveals some serious fitness "street cred" (a boxer, an Ironman, an Army drill instructor, a CrossFit instructor, a Triathlete... the list goes on), but rather than being intimidating they welcome all fitness levels and make every class work for everyone. But don't get me wrong, I do mean WORK. 

Cardio Boxing- this class seemed to have quite a following, so we were psyched to check it out and it did not disappoint! We started off with circuits including jump rope (I have seriously lost my edge since 3rd grade!) burpees, push ups, medicine ball, and planks. Then there was the actual boxing- hitting the bag and one on one boxing practice with the instructor. I clearly had no idea what I was doing during the boxing (unlike Susan- she was an animal, who knew she had such skills?!) and Tony was very sweet not to laugh at me for being such a "girl".


TR-Xtra started with the same type of quick circuits as the boxing class- it really gets your heart rate up right from the start and keeps it up throughout. Then work on the TRX straps uses your own body weight as resistance and it is TOUGH! I caught myself several times making crazy faces, but daaaang it was hard! Mike was great and really gave a lot of personal attention and focused on correct form, which I think we all needed as we started to get fatigued.

We especially loved all the quick circuits that seem to be a staple at Exceed- even if a certain movement is killing you, it's over quickly and you can get through it and move on to something else.
Both classes had the benefits of working with a personal trainer, but in a fun, small group atmosphere.

I was seriously sore EVERYWHERE for the next few days, so I know I really worked muscles in ways that I usually don't. Well played TRX...well played. We will definitely be back, and hopefully I will improve the rusty jump roping skills!

Exceed Fitness- Upper East Side and East Hampton

Rating- out of 5 sweatbands

Studio -5

Instructors-  5

Sweat factor- 4

Amenities-  5

Pricing- 3



  1. Exceed is one of the nicest personal training gyms that has opened up in quite a while.