November 20, 2012

Tricks to getting through Thanksgiving without tipping the scale

Like any holiday it's easy to overdue it with the food and Thanksgiving is the Super Bowl of the food holidays.  Follow the suggestions below and you wont need to wear your elastic waist pants to your turkey dinner.

In the Morning:
 Eat a light breakfast the Morning of- If you skip breakfast you'll be starving and that's how overeating begins. Eating a huge breakfast will stretch your stomach, leaving extra space before your body realizes it's full. Try your best to stick to your normal breakfast. Keeping it simple and healthy.

Workout Thursday Morning- Getting yourself up and moving right away is the key to starting a day off right.  1- burning the extra calories cancels out some of the ones you'll be consuming later in the day 2- starting your day healthy usually leads to being more mindful of what you're putting in it for the rest of the day. Any workout will do, even a light one will benefit today. Go for a quick jog, long walk or do 30mins of yoga poses. I promise you'll be glad you did it.

Mid day:
Don't arrive to your gathering starving!!!-   If it's a long trip bring a light snack like a banana or granola bar...  In fact long trip or not, you should have a light snack either way. Keep you metabolism working constantly. If you don't plan on eating until late, then you should probably have lunch before.

Beware or appetizers and finger foods before the meal- Try your best to save your  eating for the big show. Limit your nibbling, and try your best to stick to veggies if you can. The turkey dinner is the star of the show, don't waste your calories on the opening act.

Beware of tables like this!

The big Turkey Dinner:
 The largest portions on your plate should be grown from the earth- and not mashed ones.  Filling up on green will have you eating less of the heavier items. You'll feel nice and full but not that disgusting full where you can't move.

Portion, portion, portion!!- This is where most people go wrong. You absolutely CAN have every food item on the table, but only if you keep it small. Make tiny little mountains of food, no more than a tablespoon or two. This way you get to indulge in everything without overdoing it. You're better off putting even less than you think. If you think you went a little too light on your helpings you can always go back for a little more.  You'd be surprised how much a plate can fill up with small portions and lots of variety.

Be sure to leave a little wiggle room for something sweet- if you fill  up too much at dinner there wont be room for dessert. Same as above, portion is the key. Why not make a plate full of small samplings, only a bite or two of each dessert?

NO naps!- If it's possible, go for a walk between meals. Have nieces or nephews or kids of your own? Take them outside to play between meals.

Much better

I always try to enjoy life without over doing it. And every year I'm especially reminded to do so on this big meal day. Who doesn't love thanksgiving? All the wonderful food.  It's all the best stuff too, a table filled with one delicious option after another.

This is certainly not the time to be extremely strict with your diet, avoiding everything usually backfires….

 A few years ago I was detoxing my body by going vegan and thanksgiving  landed in that time.  I didn't want to ruin all the good I was doing in one day so I brought my own meal to my family gathering. I'm not into soy replacing so I made just a few items: vegan stuffing, vegan mashed potatoes, vegetable sides, and I even made my own mushroom gravy.  It was all great, but I was certainly missing the traditional meal (also I was getting crazy looks  from my family, especially my Italian in-laws LOL). I vowed to myself that I would never do it again (a vegan thanksgiving). Life is about enjoyment and Thanksgiving is a day of celebration.
Now I indulge in the big traditional meal with a few helpful suggestions to keep it trim and it is NOT vegan. At the end of the day we should all be thankful for all the wonderful miracles of food.

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