November 02, 2012

What's your Real Age?

So I'm a bit behind the times, apparently Oprah was all over this last year.  But this week I was curious and tried the Real Age Test.  I'm going to admit that I answered these questions as 'myself two weeks ago', my pre-toe injured, pre-Halloween candy eating self. Still, if we factor that in maybe I'm 25 instead. Either way, still good news. Especially since 30 is in the VERY near future. Oh yeah, I totally started this test as a 29 year old, after all, I am still 29 for one more whole month!!!

Hope my "18" year old self doesn't get in trouble with my 29 year old ID… hehe

I made Dana take the test, here are her results:

We ROCK!!! We also try hard. We certainly attempt to eat our veggies, work out, and limit the bad stuff. But of course we are human and I totally had buffalo wings and a beer for dinner last night…. with a giant salad.  It's all about control, and you know what? Sometimes I drink too much wine, eat to much Halloween candy, and need to satisfy my endless craving for buffalo wings. The trick is not doing it everyday, and try to mix in the healthy stuff when you are having the bad. No one is perfect.

Go take the test and see how you turn out. Dropping 11 years on your age in a day feels AMAZING!!!

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