December 14, 2012

Get in Shape GIRL!

A little Throwback Thursday-

Does anyone else remember Get in Shape Girl? I ran across it recently and could not stop laughing! I can't remember if I had it or one of my friends did, but I do have some awesomely 80's memories of this bad boy and playing the cassette tapes on one of these-

Check out this grainy vintage commercial-

Weight bracelets? Amazing. I wish I still had those. I guess kids today have the Wii Fit which is a fun way to get some exercise indoors, but I'm sure the outfits are not as cool.

1 comment:

  1. Not only did i also have get in shape girl but…. I had a “Mousercise” Birthday party one year. My mom had my other sister and her friends show me and my friends the routines. My mom make us all paper mouse ears and a mini mouse cake. Beat that Dana!!! I think we were destined to start this blog together lol!!