December 06, 2012

Revolve NYC Has Opened it's Doors


It might have opened a little later than expected, but it's finally HERE! Doors opened yesterday with a 6:00am kick off ride.

Stop by their OPEN HOUSE- Sunday, December 9th (11am-2pm) where you can check out the studio & amenities, chat with instructors & staff or just mooch off the tasty treats from Hu Kitchen and Nanoosh. Unfortunately I'll be away on vacation (or not so unfortunate... goodbye 40 degree weather) so look for Dana at the open house. We'll be getting on a bike as soon as I get back so look for a review soon ;) For now here are some details about the newest kid on the block:

Revolve, the hit DC Spin studio is opening their very first NYC studio in the heart of Union Square. (aka Gym Rat Square, within a 5 block radius is every NYC gym studio you can think of)

Distancing themselves from competitors. Revolve will be offering three different kinds of high-intensity classes to meet anyone's fancy:

Real Ride-
"with a laser-focus on cardio and endurance training, this class is designed to provide riders with a competitive edge and a body that delivers in real life. Travel uneven terrain, tackle long hills with multiple gear shifts, speed up on intervals, face wind resistance and settle into endurance pack riding. The Real Ride is designed to train you for a competitive edge in a body that can deliver in real life."

Complete Body Ride-
"Cardio...Strength...Flexibility...Everything you need in one complete class. This all-encompassing workout allows you to maximize the time you have to work-out in one place. Start out strong. The ride is cardio-intense and gets the heart rate up and keeps it there. Stay moving while you strengthen and tone the upper body on the bike. Polish it all off with a cool down stretch both on and off the bike. You get it all. You get the complete body!"

RIP Ride -
"a class dedicated to fitness fanatics and those looking to push themselves to the max. For 60 or 75 minutes, riders will get it all in this challenging athletic training class that alternates cycling intervals using real resistance with upper body sculpting exercises. A class dedicated to anyone looking to push themselves to a ripped level. Resistance. Interval. Performance."


  1. Which class will you be taking???

    1. Well, I'll be away until mid next week so we won't be able to get in there until next weekend. We are hoping to get into a class Sat dec. 15th or the tuesday after. We really want to try Complete Body ride or RIP ride classes. We also heard that classes with Christianne, Kristin or Kira are must tries.

      You might bump into Dana if you go to the open house on sunday. She'll be the really cool girl in the room... lol

      Let us know who's class you try ;)