January 17, 2013

Revolve- Adding it's own SPICE the Cycling Trend

We finally got our butts to Revolve! We weren't sure what to expect, but walking out I was glad we tried it.

Upon arrival we found that it felt about the same as any other spin studio. But studio set-up is where the similarities ended. We took the RIP RIDE class, which is about as opposite from Soul Cycle as you can get. Where soul feels like a fun dance party, Rip Ride feels like a personal training session that just so happens to be on a bike. Instead of catching the beat and dancing, we were isolating muscles while perfecting our form.

While there is still some "catching the beat", most of the time you're keeping an eye on your RPM's. The bikes here have individual screens that update your exact RPM's, which I found was a much better way of knowing if your resistance is high or low enough. This can be a bit tricky your first time, but you'll be much better at it later in your ride. *don't worry if RPM's sound intimidating to you now, it'll make more sense when you're doing it.

The ride consists of the usual intervals of fast and slower but at an overall slower tempo than most spin classes. This is great because it focuses more on muscle toning rather than a need for speed. (imagine how much more concentrated your movements are when you do squats slower than when you rush them). Because of the length of class you get to fit two sets of upper body weights into a single ride. Just like the cycling, the weight movements are slow and concentrated (total burning sensation) there's no sloppy throwing your weights around super fast here.

The great thing about this studio right now is they have some of the best instructors in the industry. Where you'll often get stuck with 2nd or 3rd string instructors at other larger spin studios, Revolve is small enough that they have only top tier instructors for every ride. Amenities are fine here, not quite spa like, but you can take a shower in a clean space with provided soaps and fluffy white towels.  Having one location in NYC can be kind of a pain, but it's so close to all the trains at Union Square making it easily accessible for many.  I look forward to when they start to expand locations and hope that they can keep their small studio charm.

It's a must try for those of you who want to add some spice to the normal weightlifting routine. Doing this class a few times a week will certainly get you that beach body by summer. Every part of your body will be sore the next day… in a good way :) For those of you who've been enjoying the dance club spin classes I recommend this ride mixed into your series to improve your form in any spin class you take.

Rating- out of 5 sweatbands
Studio- 4
Instructors- 5
Sweat Factors-5
Amenities- 3
Pricing- 3


  1. Wow! This is a great review. FAVORITE BLOG EVER!!!!

  2. I've been loving revolve! Rip ride is definitely my favorite

  3. Real Ride for me :) and Jason Tran is the man!! Kirsten Kenney has done a fine job on teaching REAL cycling and technically perfect technique that is consistent and beautifully timed. I have become a revolvaholic! Julie S

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