January 29, 2013

Still reaching for the OJ to combat the Flu Season?

This year we've been hit with a BAD Flu Season.  Even if you've gotten your flu shot, you can still get certain strands.   Many people hear this news and begin reaching for the OJ, but are you really getting the proper nutrition for your body? Our friend Alaina, Nutritionist & Health Coach from Believer in Food, clears up the common misunderstandings of Orange Juice:

Bottled Orange Juice: It's everyone's go-to drink when they're sick. If it's pasteurized, that means it's been boiled to kill pathogens in order to maintain a longer shelf life. That means the nutrients are dead. The digestive enzymes in the oranges have been boiled off, and therefore, denatured. When you drink sweet, pasteurized juices like this, you're getting all the sugar, without the enzymes, vitamins, and fiber that will slow the absorption rate. You're also not getting the benefits of the antioxidant bioflavinoids (in that icky, white part of the fruit) The result? A sugar spike much like the one you get from drinking a can of Coke. In the world of health, sugar is a leading culprit in the survival and spread of bacteria, viruses, and disease in our bodies. (There's a reason diabetics are told to consume a glass of OJ when they feel low blood sugar coming on....)

A Better Bet: Eat an actual orange. Or two. Or three. Followed by tons of water.  (You could also juice the oranges yourself with a citrus juicer, but it's much easier to just peel and eat one.)

How can you keep your immune system strong  enough to avoid an attach from the Flu?

  • Washing hands constantly is crucial. While hand sanitizer is great in a pinch, you should really use soap and hot water.
  • Feeling a little under the weather? Then stay HOME! Not only are you protecting others, but giving your body some rest earlier on can shorten recovery time. 
  • Eat your greens! Eat as many fruit & veggies as possible and try your best to keep all of your foods whole (less processed).
  • Drink tons of water!!! Of course you already know this but truly make yourself. Carry around a reusable bottle and keep it full. Your body's natural defenses weaken when your water consumption is low.
  • Work out- Sweat out those toxins!!

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