January 22, 2013

Sweaty Celeb Awards: 2013 Golden Globes

While I look forward to seeing who gets the awards, seeing my favorite stars dressed in their best is my guiltiest pleasure.  These celebs work super hard  (with a TEAM of experts, of course) getting every detail perfect. Which includes working their butts of at the gym to look so fab in those gowns. I applaud these efforts because  we all know getting into and keeping your shape deserves an award.  So here are your (unofficial) Sweaty Celeb Awards:

Best Butt: Jessica Chastain

Pippa has already shown us that a toned backside  can take a gown from wow to WOW! Chastain's dress at the Golden Globes  got some mixed reviews. I'm thinking if she walked around backwards all night the only comments would be: WOW! It's been reported that Chastian practices yoga to keep that behind so perky. 

Best Arms: Jodie Foster

It was a close call with Jennifer Garner looking so good (lifting kids apparently does wonders for your arms) but I had to give it to Jodie because I couldn't stop looking at them during her whole acceptance speech.  Rumor has it that Foster is a serious Pilates devotee. I certainly see some more Pilates in my future.

Best Legs: Halle Berry

I'm sure there were some other spectacular legs under all those gowns but Halley was the only one brave enough to give us a peek! Ms. Berry is notoriously toned all the time, which takes some serious dedication. Legs are one of the hardest parts of your body to get well sculpted, so I appreciate a toned pair when I see them. Word on the street says Berry uses strength training and kickboxing to maintain her physique.

Best Back: Julianna Margulies

Sculpted, no bones popping out (sorry Naomi Watts) perfection. Margulies is rumored to be an avid runner. Keeping a runners form for a number of miles will certainly improve anyone's back.

There were plenty of other hot bodies on the red carpet. Who would you nominate for a Sweaty Celeb Award?

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