January 10, 2013

Training While on Vacation: My failed good intentions

 I'm back!! !

Hubby and I ran away for new years and almost didn't come back. We spent a few days in Paris followed by a few more days traveling through Switzerland. It was a lot of fun and inspired me to travel more often.

The only thing that didn't agree with this trip was my half marathon training. I had every intention of continuing my training while away. I was supposed to run a million miles (ok not a million, but a few 5 and 6 mile runs) but not a single run was accomplished. I felt like a failure :(

How I prepared to stay fit on vacation:
  • I packed 3 running outfits with all the appropriate cold/wet weather gear.
  • I loaded up my IPod with inspiring new songs AND ensured it was fully charged. 

What I didn't prepare for:
  • The wine I would consume randomly during the day-  Did I mention I loved Paris??
  • The lack of Gatorade/Coconut water- Have the French/Swiss not heard of Vita coco yet? How else am I going to replenish my fluids after a 6 miler???
  • How tired I would be from the change in time zone-The clock says it's 9 am but my body says it's 3 am back in NY.
  • How runner un-friendly Paris is-Really, how do those skinny French women stay so skinny?
  • How hard it was to fit in time to run when you have so much to see and do your first time to these countries.
  • Caring for hubby when he got sick with Bronchitis and Food Poisoning- It's hard to find time to run when you have to go to "la pharmacie" and try to translate cough suppressant. Did I mention the only French I learned was on the plane over?
  • How many miles I'd walk during the day sight seeing- any where from 2-8 miles in a single day.
  • How exhausted and sore I'd be from skiing the Swiss Alps- I'm not very advanced so I wedge most of the way down, which totally burns your legs and butt.
What I want to look like
What I actually look like                                                        
I know some of these are just excuses, but every time I'd tell myself that "tomorrow is the day" a new reason not to run would soon follow. Hubby says it's fine. That any mileage on your feet is mileage, walking or running. That your body just needs time on your feet when distance training  (Hubby runs marathons and other crazy long distances for fun). He's right, I was so tired and sore from all the walking each day that I felt like I'd already ran my half marathon.  Not only the walking but skiing was a great workout too. Lugging all the equipment around (in super high altitude too), and skiing its self burned major calories.

So although I majorly indulged while away: eating buttery croissants, drinking full fat cafĂ© au lait (coffee with milk), enjoying french cusine: steak frites, baguettes,  escargot, beef bourguignon, and don't forget the swiss cusine: cheese, cheese and potatoes. I was so active during the day that I don't have to feel like a failure. Now that I'm home I can go right back to my workout/ running routine.  I even found a fun French song to run to:

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