January 24, 2013

Williamsburg Mixed Martial Arts

Saturday I took myself way out of my comfort zone (and out of Manhattan) to check out Williamsburg Mixed Martial Arts. I thought it was hilarious to tell my friends I was out with on Friday night that I had to get home early in preparation for "fight club" the next morning. Truth be told I was going to a women's self defense workshop which also happened to be a breast cancer fundraiser, so all around awesomeness. As I was walking up the stairs to class I was kicking myself for not listening to one of my old favorite albums "Enter the Wu Tang" (which was heavily influenced by 70's Kung Fu films) to get pumped up for my first Martial Arts experience.

I WOULD be the one person not following directions, oops!

We started out with some running warm ups which reminded me a lot of vault drills I used to do in gymnastics. Next we got with a partner to learn some techniques for escaping a creep in various scenarios (ie: you are grabbed by the arm, etc). Then we moved on to some actual self defense moves and I was shocked the first (and second, and third....) time my much smaller partner threw me down to the mat, but it proved the moves were effective! She continued to man handle me for quite some time before I finally got the hang of things.


I really enjoyed Williamsburg MMA and would definitely go again. They are planning another woman's self defense class in February, so if you would like to join us send us a message or comment below! They also offer Private training, Kids programs, Boxing/Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Judo/Wrestling, Strength, Conditioning and Yoga, and MMA.

This was our best attempt at looking tough

42A Dobbin Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

 ***Photos courtesy of Williamsburg MMA***

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