February 07, 2013

Breaking up with the TV

Whoa, the past few weeks have been busy! It's been a blur of work, workouts, events, and even some socializing. I have practically had something scheduled every night. We SweatNtheCity gals have been invited to several great events (shout outs to Revovle, Bari and Urban Girl Squad) AND we're trying to keep up with our own workouts- Susan is training for the NYC half marathon and I am trying to keep up with my yoga/spin schedule and still make it out to try new studios. With this schedule I have had zero time for this guy-

and I have not missed it AT ALL. Not that I was a huge TV watcher to begin with, but now I'm almost down to zero TV time and I LOVE IT! I'd say we are officaly broken up, it's been like cutting down on sugar- the less you have the less you crave it and pretty soon you don't even think about it anymore (okay, maybe just a little).
There is just way too much going on to sit still and watch TV, even when I am actually home I'd rather turn up some music and have a solo dance party in my apartment.....

Tonight we are headed back to Revolve to try the "Body Ride" class and network with the Urban Girl Squad afterwards. Should be a fun event and so much better than watching TV!


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