February 15, 2013

Get Sweaty this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Activities For Couples:

Go for an evening walk. 
It might be chilly out, but all the more reason to hold each other close as you get your body moving. Explore a  new park or trail, or stumble down old favorites. Stop for something warm to drink like hot cocoa… or some spiced wine (yeah!)

Couples Yoga:
Double your fun with double ujjayi breaths  as you match downward dogs. Get sweaty together at Laughing Lotus or Yogamaya:
Laughing Lotus' Valentines Partner Massage with Brandi & Justin 7-9:30pm
Yogamaya's Valentines Day Partner Yoga class 7-9pm.

Ice Skating:
A timeless romantic activity that never gets old. I just keep picturing the "my endless love" scene in Happy Gilmore… funny and romantic, you can't go wrong.
The Rink
Trump Rink

Ballroom, Latin or whatever you like. Get some lessons at Fred Astaire or go wing it at a local spot.

Cupid’s Challenge at Barry’s Bootcamp:
The couple that works out together the most during the month of February wins a $250 gift certificate to The General.

Valentine's Activities for Singles:

Get Hot and Sweaty… no really, what better way to work on your HOT body than  to sweat like crazy?

Revolve and Soul Cycle are having Valentine's day inspired  rides for singles:

Revolve NYC: Ladies Only Rip Ride with Kira @ 7:30pm Let the bike be your date tonight!

SoulCycle: Achy Breaky Heart Ride in NOHO @ 7:30pm

Bari "Flirt" class- BariMACRO’s promiscuous little sister that sexes up the toning with cardio at a more sultry pace.
Monday, February 11, 8pm, Bari Tribeca
Tuesday, February 12, 6pm, Bari SoHo
Wednesday, February 13, 8pm, Bari Tribeca

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