February 05, 2013

PILOXING- Free Giveaway!!!!

LA based fitness studio PILOXING has classes popping up near you. Combining Pilates, Boxing and Dance moves,  this  heart pumping and fat burning workout  is sure to please many, **including a Celebrity clientele (take a look at their facebook page to see celebs in action). Their latest DVD "The PILOXING System" will be released this March.

One Lucky winner will receive a pair of PILOXING Compression socks.

Whether kicking it to a PILOXING DVD or keeping your legs warm on an early spring jog, these socks will do the job. Made of super compression material to stimulate blood flow to your feet and legs,  these socks will provide support during your workout or help speed up muscle recovery when worn after (meaning less pain for the gain). Plus, you can use them for so much more than PILOXING. Since training for my Half Marathon I've developed slight Achilles tendinitis (ouch!). I'll be wearing these for support during my run AND after my run to speed recovery. Plus, they are super cute and warm, with little non-slip grippers on the bottom, which means hubby might catch me hanging around the house in them.

Contest is Now Closed.

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