February 20, 2013

Sore? Tired? Out of Breath? Sweaty? Good...It's Working.

That face says it all. It pretty much sums up how I'm currently feeling about my Half Marathon Training. What's even funnier is finding this half-written post from 3 weeks ago that I never published:

"Ever since I came back from my non-working-out vacation I've been super focused. My mileage has increasing at a steady pace (hello 7 miles), I began including hills, I've cross trained with Soulcycle & Revolve classes, and even started at a new yoga studio (sorry Laughing Lotus, I really love you guys, but you are not close to my apt or office and I'm a big baby about being out and about in the cold). I've been pretty much in perpetual state of soreness for weeks, and I kind of like it. So overall I'd say training is going good. If I keep up at this pace I'll be ready for the Bachelorette party in Vegas this June in no time. (yay! Love weddings).

I really am proud of myself. It's so easy to be lazy in the cold winter. The other morning I did my morning run at 14 degrees (safe I promise, no ice or snow, just cold wind) and it was actually enjoyable.  There's something exhilarating about reaching a new distance, tackling a big hill, or  just pushing yourself to new levels. "

Was that some poster child stuff for runner's high or what?  If someone asked me today how my training has been going I'd tell them:

  • I'm starting to have bitter feelings towards  my morning runs: it's dark, it's cold and it's 5:45 am.
  • The laundry basket is ALWAYS full. I hate doing it but I keep running out of quick dry and cotton is the devil. ]:->
  • I have this uncontrollable fear  that a serious injury is going to strike at any moment.
  • No matter how much I update my playlists I still find myself sick of every song… well except my power song (thanks to Dana for burning me the "Girls" soundtrack).

  • I'm sick and tired of being sore, and I hate the fact that at all times something on my body hurts. Two weeks ago it was my calves and Achilles, today it's my shins. I'm seriously thinking about sending an email to the race organizers  suggesting that they replace the  Gatorade & Water stations with Pineapple Vodka Shot stations after mile 9 to numb the pain.

OK, enough of my whining. Only one month to go!!!!!!!! Yes this means more mileage, but it also means I can start the fun stuff. Like what to wear race day so that my friends and family can find me. Also, what to put on my race shirt? A cool phrase or "If found please take to the nearest hospital". Deciding on my post race meal, the obvious choice would be Shake Shack, put what if I'm craving the veggie dumplings from Peacefood Café?

I'm going to try to spend these last couple of weeks trying to focus more on the fun stuff rather than getting cranky. For now I'll just Advil, Ice and Repeat. l've also decided to treat myself to weekly pedicures with an extra long foot and leg massage… it's worth every penny.

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