February 28, 2013

Warning- Bari classes are addictive!

This week we got the chance to try out the Bari Bounce class at the new Murray Hill pop up studio. We were psyched because this location is a quick and easy commute from our office- We even arrived EARLY, that was a first! It's been tough to stay motivated the past few weeks, first I was taken down by a mystery vampire illness (I'm calling it that because I could NOT stop sleeping).


My doctor was as stumped by it as I was, his recommendation? "If you're still tired just keep sleeping". Amazing, words to live by indeed. Aside from that, I think many of us are suffering from what the medical community might describe as "the winter blahs".

This being the case it was the perfect opportunity to get out to a fun new class. We tried the BariMACRO class a few weeks ago, and lets just say we got our a** kicked! The floor work with the Bariskimmers was especially difficult.

This week we tested out the BariBOUNCE class, because who doesn't want to jump on a trampoline, right? Think high intensity cardio with low impact on the joints. This class is perfect for anyone with old sports injuries like me, or Susan who is in the home stretch of her half marathon training and can't risk an injury. Additional props like hand weights and resistance bands are also used for a full body workout.

All business while testing out the resistance bands

The preparation.....
And the BOUNCE!

 The best part about Bari classes is that they are totally unique, it's not another pilates/barre/dance/ spin....etc.  class. They are super challenging AND fun! I'm already trying to figure out when I can try the BariREEL class.

Bari Studio
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