March 26, 2013

Brooklyn Bodyburn- You WILL feel it

As a long time lover of Pilates and a more recent boutique fitness junkie Brooklyn Bodyburn was a must try for me. The new Williamsburg studio just opened in mid February, and is already attracting a lot of buzz and a loyal following. I rushed over on a Wednesday night night after work for Keisha's class and as luck would have it I had a few extra minutes to chat with Tracy Carlinsky who is responsible for bringing Bodyburn to NYC.

She gave me a little background and asked if I had any experience on the "Megaformer".  Like a true novice I responded, "well no, but I've used a Pilates reformer so...."
Come to find out there are actually only a few broad similarities between the two;
1. You're on a machine that moves, 2. resistance is adjustable, 3. you're getting a full body workout, that's about it.
New York Magazine gave this description of Brooklyn Bodyburn- Fans of the L.A.-popularized Lagree Fitness Method call the fusion of Pilates, cardio, and strength-training workouts "Pilates on crack".

I would have to agree with them, OMG it was hard, seriously HARD, definitely in my top 3 as far as difficulty. About 30 seconds in my muscles were dropping F-bombs and they are usually pretty cool about stuff. I had to give myself a pep talk like this;


And it's not just me, a very fit male friend of mine went last week and sent me this text the next day- "So umm Bodyburn is hard! It was great and Keisha was very nice, I am definitely going back soon!"
I agree, I appreciate a super challenging workout and love when it's very targeted toward certain areas. The Bodyburn classes leave you with no doubt that you are working your muscles to complete exhaustion. I really loved this class and can't wait to go back and get my a** kicked again! I've become a huge fan of these "quick and dirty" workouts. In less than an hour you're cramming in the maximum calorie burning and muscle sculpting benefits without wasting any time taking breaks or moving between equipment. Work smarter not harder, you know?


  1. I can't wait to go to this class. I'm usually a exhale spa core fusion and slt class addict but I like venturing out to new classes

    1. GO! It's awesome and totally different than those other classes. Let us know what you think. :)