March 21, 2013

Post NYC Half Marathon Ups and Downs

It has been a tremendous week for me. I've been through a roller coaster of emotions, which, if you know me is quite unusual.  My mother underwent  a HUGE surgery on friday, and I finished the NYC Half Marathon on Sunday (my first race longer than 5 miles!!!).  My mood has gone through it all, nervous, sad, relieved, hopeful, excited, exhausted, and thankful. All at the poor expense of my hubby (you are the best).  I'm happy to report that my mother was a ROCKSTAR and came out of her surgery with the best possible outcome. She is currently on her way to making an outstanding recovery. If I have just one ounce of her bravery and positive outlook in tough situations I'd be lucky.

The race: Ok, I know that to you marathoner's and tri-athaletes, 13 miles is a warm up, but I bet you remember your first ever distance race and I'm sure it was thrilling!! Of course my body was (is still) totally beat up afterwards. I was hobbling all over the office on Monday. Sorer than after I tried CrossFit... you CrossFitters know what I'm talking about. I seriously wonder what shape you're in after a full marathon (scary thought). Anyway, it was well worth the pain. There's nothing more exciting than running through 42nd street tons of people shouting your name.

Some highlights from the race:

  • Hubby and his parents bringing my dog Oliver to cheer me on (and he give me a good luck lick).

  • Mastering drinking fluids while running (squeeze the cup to make a spout) took a few tries to get it right.
  • Dana finding my electric pink SNTC shirt in the crowd on 42nd street. (told you, Where's Waldow-Proof!)

  • Looking up at the Freedom Tower at mile 8 on the West Side Highway and thinking: I just need to get there, but hating the fact that it's still 4 to 5 miles away. 
  • The Battery Park Tunnel, at first it was the coolest to run in a dark tunnel, until I realized that sucker was almost a mile long! 
  • The foil cape at the finish, OMG that thing keeps so you warm. I'm pretty sure I was more excited for that thing than the metal.

People have already begun to ask me if I see a full marathon in my future, my answer: probably not. It's not that I don't think I can, because if I learned anything from this, it's that anyone can run, you just need a goal. I just don't see myself going out for 2 hour runs at 4am before work or 3-4 hour runs on a Saturday. Marathons take a lot of time and commitment, totally do-able but if you don't put in the time you'll just end up hurting yourself. Instead, I see myself doing more half's, but next time in warmer weather. It was FREAKING COLD and waiting around in the corral for an hour was the WORST. There seems to be some great races in other states that I'd like to check out, or at least outside of NYC. I cannot tell you how tired I am of running central park. I could probably draw and complete map of all the best running trails by memory while blindfolded. I'm even considering joining hubby in the Brooklyn Half.  For now I will definitely keep up the running. I'm enjoying seeing abs and fitting into some pants that I haven't in 3 years! But now I can add more cross training activites. Dana and I already have a number of new places to try lined up for next week. It's time to get sweaty!

I LOVE YOU MOM!!! (She'll never see this,  I'm still trying to explain what a blog is to my parents)
If you're lucky enough to have your mom around, please give her a hug or a call today. And if you can't, then just take a moment to think of your special lady. I'm on my way to see mine now :)

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