March 14, 2013

Race Ready for the NYC Half Marathon

It's finally here! Race day is this Sunday, St. Patty's Day, for the NYC Half Marathon. I've been resting up and preparing my running gear. Although I might feel a slight pang of terror when I look at the course map (say it with me: I will not look at the map, I will not look at the map...) I'm super excited to fulfill this goal of mine. Here are some items that I consider must have's for my race. As a a relative newbie to the world of racing I'd love any additional advice, so feel free to leave me a comment at the bottom. 

The Original SPIbelt  

I LOVE this thing. Hubby kept complaining that I don't run with my phone (duh, mace is far more useful in a bad situation at 5am) besides, where am I supposed to put it? Women's pockets just aren't large enough and I'm mentally allergic to fanny packs (they can stay in the 80's, thank you). Hubby argues that the SPIbelt is still a fanny pack, but I disagree. This is more like a  belt and can be easily  be hidden underneath your shirt. The only thing this has in common with a fanny pack is the fact that they both wrap around your waist. At $20, it's worth every penny. 

Lululemon Run: Inspire Crop II

These are by far one of my best investment pieces. Comfy and  breathable with great control (aka: minimal jiggling), you can always feel the difference with a great pair of pants. A must for 6+ miles. 
**Shout out to Lululemon, I'll be seeing you guys at your water station on 42nd street. Look out for my bright shirt bellow ;-)

Knee band 

Because I can't seem to shake this runner's knee.

Moisture Wicking Tank 

Because layers are key in this unpredictable Northeast transition to Spring. I plan on wearing my Aurorae Ultimate Racer Back Tank. This super soft (Eco-Friendly) fabric will keep me cool and comfortable as my miles increase.

The official SNTC Shirt.

This is my Where's Waldo proof shirt because when Hubby ran the Philadelphia Half he ran past us twice and we missed him in the crowd of runners. It's pink (SNTC's official color) and it's so electric it might glow in the dark. Also, because I refuse to mess up my new shirt, (this  way I can sport my SNTC shirt all season long) I will be pinning the following to the back of my shirt. I just hope I don't actually get a bunch of strangers trying to make-out with me… maybe I should put in this disclaimer "***High Fives are preferred".

I'll also be running with my Ipod nano which I assume I'll use during the first half of the race in Central Park. I'm not sure I could tackle the Great Hill alone. Once we leave the park I'd rather hear the crowds cheering, I'm so excited to run 42nd street!


  1. My husband calls my SPlbelt a fanny pack too - I disagree with him as well!

    1. Yea, It's far more like a cool belt than a fanny pack. More similar to those Hydration belts with all the mini water bottles. I love how it doesn't move, there's nothing more annoying than something banging against your body for 13 miles!!