April 03, 2013

Brooklyn Boulders

Okay I know I am a giant nerd for two reasons (several actually, but these two are relevant) 1. I am finding it nearly impossible to write about Brooklyn Boulders without using ALL of the rock puns (seriously, it's killing me), 2. My enthusiasm for climbing exponentially out matches my actual skills. Usually when I'm this bad at something, it's not fun at first. Remember your first few days on a snowboard? Torture. My partner in climb Kelly and I took an intro bouldering class a few weeks ago and were immediately hooked. We've already been back for more bouldering and plan to take some top roping classes in the near future.
My first impressions;
-This place is awesome! And enormous- One of the largest climbing facilities on the east coast with 22,000 sq ft. of bouldering and top roping space.
- They rock good jams- there was even a DJ the first night we were there.
- So THIS is where all the rugged, good looking, ripped guys in the city have been hiding- there, I said it.
Brooklyn Bridge replica climbing wall

Very reassuring guys, thanks...

Other programs include BKB Fit- with various types of Yoga, Capoeria, Slackline, and Core Strength classes to supplement your climbing workouts.
Kids and teen programs and the BKB Foundation, "a non-profit organization geared towards making the opportunity and experience of rock climbing more accessible. We initiated the BKB Foundation to educate and motivate urban youth to become healthier and more involved in the well-being of the community."

I really love BKB and plan to add it in to my regular rotation. Even if you're a beginner it's a great workout. It's helpful that I am flexible and not really afraid of heights, but I think the number one thing I need to work on are my weak baby hands, oh and the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing. As our instructor Emily said- "the way to get better at climbing is to climb A LOT". We plan to climb a lot and hopefully improve enough to look half as cool as we feel up there.

Kelly looking like a BOSS

Here I am slowly making some progress

Very slowly

575 Degraw Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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