May 01, 2013

Crave or Save, Great Workout Gear Finds for Any Budget

It seems like I'll never have enough workout clothes. No matter how much I stock up, I still find myself looking for more. Either things get warn out,  are  still stuck in  my trash heap of a laundry basket, or on some days  the excitement of new workout gear can be the only thing that gets me out the door (sad but true). 

Being that these purchases don't always qualify as 'needs'  I try to always keep a lookout for some lower priced options. Here are some great items and some similar lower priced options. No matter what your budget is, you can still find some great workout gear, weather or not you actually need it ;)

Get down in your dog in Lululemon's light & movable 'Practice Freely Tank' at $64.00, 
or get Ideology's version at almost half the price for $32.99.

Grab hold of that ballet Barre in Under Armour's low-impact 'Women's Essential Seamless Bra' at $29.99, or head to Target and grab this one from C9 by Champion at $16.99.

Crush your current pace in these cool but modest shorts by Nike at $40.00, 
or score similar ones from C9 by Champion at $16.99.

Take these Zella's 'Live In' Print Capri Leggings for spin at $48.00, or put some extra cash towards your next spin class by saving on these 'Compression Capri Tights' from C9 by Champion at $19.99.

Keep warm on an early morning jog in Nike's Element Long-Sleeve Dri-FIT Half- Zip Pullover at $60.00, or zip up in this 1/4 zip up from C9 by Champion at $39.99.

Great Places to Score Cheap Workout Clothes:
Target: The C9 Champion Line has some really great affordable items, many of which are quick-drying.

Macy's: The word's most famous department store has some unexpected deals on workout apparel. Check online for some great deals and discounts.

WalMart: Are you a simple kinda girl who likes work out in nothing fancier than a T-shirt and shorts, then this mega store has got you covered.

TJMaxx: Surprisingly, many people don't think to look here. I've even found one of those Under Armour compression shirts hear for dirt cheap. Hit or miss, it's always worth a peak. 

Nordstrom Rack: My sister-in-law swears by this place. In fact she got me a ton of workout stuff from here last holiday season. They have many of the big brand names for a fraction of the cost. 


  1. I love C9 by Champion. I have the long sleeve shirt by them that you featured. It's fantastic!

    1. I love them too, I swear by their sports bra's. Whenever I visit my parents in the 'berbs I always swing by Target to stock up.

  2. you are a brave woman for wearing booty shorts…I would never feel comfortable wearing them! But good for you!
    Champion Clothing

    1. Oh no, there is no booty hanging-out in these, the second layer underneath provides FULL coverage. :)

  3. That collection belongs to champions. I love Champion activewear for my needs. Many superstars like it.

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