May 03, 2013

Thai Hot

I'm back in the city after spending an amazing 2+ weeks in Thailand!
There was quite a bit of well deserved R&R that took place and a lot of this;
Beaching on Koh Phi Phi Island
Beaching with coconuts
Eating delish HOT Thai food in Bangkok (and everywhere!)
Drinking buckets, or beer... or BOTH.
But I actually managed to pack in quite a bit of activity as well;
Muay Thai studio in Koh Phangan, we got to watch their practice and take a lesson!
Pre and post beach swimming
Gymnastics at Surin beach on Phuket
Archery in Koh Phangan
Kayaking to Koh Tae Nai Island and swimming in the lagoon
No one else knew it was a race, but we WON!
Elephant trek through the jungle on Koh Phangan Island- Surprisingly terrifying, look closely I'm screaming!
Flamming jump roping? Nope, that lasted for about 2.5 seconds. Here I am running away.
Hiking up Khao Ra, the tallest mountain on Koh Phangan Island where we also got to see the Phaeng Waterfall.  I should mention that we "won" this also, who knew we were such fierce competitors??

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