May 17, 2013

KickBoxing at BWarrior Martial Arts Academy

It's seems  as though Dana and I are on a boxing kick lately. With her trip to Williamsburg Mixed Martial Arts for "fight club" and my recent  jump into the ring with Ralph at Mendez Boxing, you'd think we had NYC boxing covered… WRONG.  Recently I bumped into a past colleague who looked fantastic. I knew she had been into some type of kickboxing previously and had asked if she was still going  to the same place. Turns out she has, and remains a long time follower of BWarrior Martial Arts Academy. So of course, I had to try!

Once I got there I vaguely remembered checking  this place out a couple years before. It's in the same space as Epic Hybrid Training which is this monkey bar  type of hybrid strength training . It peaked my interest because it's really close to my office and looks like a cool team training kind of workout. But, unfortunately  I  whimped out  once I saw the monkey  bars (hated those as a kid) and ran back to Soulcycle (looks like I'll have to try this now). For Bwarrior Martial Arts they just hang up the heavy bags and break out the gloves, transforming the space into the perfect setting for some martial arts.

Unlike the traditional boxing I tried a few weeks ago, this is martial arts. But not in the sense of little kiddie karate classes, more like bad ass MMA type fighting:  fists, kicks and all sorts of moves in between. Please note: this is no lame cardio kickboxing class that your mom takes at the local YMCA along with her Zumba classes. This is full-on Muay Thai Kickboxing, with a room full of mostly guys. In the same way it's cool to be one of few girls like at Cross Fit,  here you'll get a boost of confidence punching the bag and finishing your sit-ups before the guy next to you.

Similar to Mendez, BWarrior works to the pace of the ring clock, only there is minimal to no rest time. Class starts with a good warm up, of running  pushups and other heart rate boosters. Next you spend  time warming up those muscles on the heavy bag, taking turns with a partner (one holds the bag steady, while the other punches and kicks). Eventually you move on to  a sequences of punches that you work on until the timer goes off, upon which you learn a new sequence. There is more partner work with pads , then plenty of push ups, burpies,  sit-ups  and crunches until your abs give out. By the time it's over you cannot believe how fast it's gone by and how much fun you've had. Punching and kicking are perfect stress relievers.

What draws me back  to this place:

  1. I'm a semi-competitive, so I'm not going to stop showing up until I don't punch like a girl anymore.
  2. Brayner works with each person one-on-one which gives everyone a chance to work on their existing skills (or in my case non-existent).
  3. The place has such  great sense of camaraderie. Everyone helps each other and all were eager  to help me work on my form until I got the kicks and punches down.
  4. You sweat like you just completed back-to-back SoulCycle and hot yoga sessions (AKA: a sick workout). I love workouts where I can combine cardio and strength training, a one-stop-shop workout, yes please!

Kickboxing is so much fun, you'll be sore the next day, and my knuckles had some light bruising (not that bad, lasted a day at most and made me look like a total BAD ASS on the subway). It certainly takes some practice, right now we are working on mastering my righty kick, lefty will have to wait until I get a little better. Expect your abs and arms to be crazy sore, perfect for swimsuit season. Also, this place is very boy friendly, you might even convince the guy you are dating to join you (if  he can handle it).

Rating- out of 5 sweatbands
Studio- 4 
Instructors- 5
Sweat Factor-5
Amenities- 3 
(private showers and changing area, but bring a hairdryer)
Pricing- 5 
($25 drop in, multiple packages making it even cheaper)


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