July 10, 2013

It's an Endless Summer at SURFSET

Wow this summer seems to be moving fast and HOT. Is it me? Or does NYC feel extra hot and steamy this year? Dana and I figured this beach weather was the perfect time to check out SURFSET.  There might not be any actual waves, but it certainly put me in the mood to get on the board.

SURFSET had been on our radar for quite a while. Both Dana and I enjoy real surfing so we were excited to try this out (ok, so I've only tried real surfing once, not everyone gets to grow up as a Southern Cali girl like Dana). Experienced or not, this surfboard fitness class is fun for all.

If you haven't heard of it before, SURFSET is a group fitness class on actual surfboards. We checked out a class offered at Chelsea Piers Sports Center (Tip: it's not really advertised, but if you take a SURFSET class you'll get full-day access to the whole club, Sun Deck included!!!).

The board is the coolest AND strangest part to explain.  It's a real surfboard that's on top of what seems to be 3 small balance balls and everything is held together on some sort of base (this is clearly NOT engineering terminology, but you get it right?). On one end of the board, bungee straps are attached  for added upper body toning.

Getting on the board for the first time is quite wiggly and awkward, but just as the instructor had assured us in the beginning of class, within 10 minutes your body has learned to adjust. I was able to do just about all of the Surfer, Pilates, and Yoga moves that more experienced  people were doing, the only difference being that my poses had a bit more wiggling involved. But hey, at least I could do it. Not too bad for a first timer. For some reason I couldn't nail lunges on the board, my body just refused to remain balanced for that one.  But I totally crushed it with the crow pose…

Yup, this on a wiggly surf board. 

Besides the boards, the mood of this class really sets it apart from anything else we've tried. The sounds of summer music surrounds you while surfer movies play in the dimly blue lit space. There is an over all low-key vibe to this place, similar to yoga class but not as quiet or reserved. A flawless transition to faster paced music with cardio that never gets too loud or out of control maintains a great flow. It's very surfer chill here, you'll easily forget your to-do lists, work stress, and that big bustling city outside.

Both SURFSET and Chelsea Piers Sports Center are worth checking out. Not only was SURFSET cool to do, all that balance work really works those muscles you forget about. I was certainly sore the next day.

Rating- out of 5 Sweatbands
Studio- 5
Instructor- 5
Sweat Factor- 3
Amenities- 5
Pricing- 4

Shout-out to Jon!

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