July 18, 2013

No Swimmies Required

I'm an idiot, NO  really I am. I also love jumping into swimming pools.  Being both an idiot and a lover of swimming pools is not a good combination.

After having a fun filled weekend out in the Hamptons I decided to ruin it all with cannon balls and can-openers into the pool.

It's a shame these aren't in the Olympics, I'd be promoting Subway Sandwiches right now.

Why, you ask, did I think I was 10 years old?...

The sweet nectar of Cyril's signature BBC... 

That's right I'm blaming Cyril's... Ok, maybe I'm at fault here, but it's their fault they taste so good! Recipe here (extra points if you add a rum floater). ***Disclaimer: These are delicious, make at your own risk!

An X-ray two days later would reveal a sprained ankle (scarier because I've broken that same ankle years go) and a blushing Dr. after I told him it serves me right for mixing 10 year old swimming skills with adult cocktails. 

That's it, the summer is ruined. Bye-bye: boxing, yoga, Soulcycle, morning jogs, paddle boarding, and Barrys Boot Camp. So-long heels and fitting into my skinny jeans. See you later fitness blogger… ok not really, but I'm sorry that I can't try any fun fitness studios for a while. I'll be passing the Olympic Torch of Cannon Balling to Dana for a while. 

I refuse to post pic's, but if you're into grotesque things just imagine Elephantitis of the ankle. Ok, it's not that bad, more like my ankle with a tennis ball size swelling protruding off the side. Again, I'm lucky it isn't worse. 

If you're bored please help cheer me up by letting me live vicariously through you, post some comments about some fun fitness activities you'll be doing this summer. Or your favorite stupid injury stories to make me feel better about myself :)

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