July 24, 2013

SUP on the Hudson

Last Friday I was super excited to do some Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) at Manhattan Kayak Company. Two things I was not so excited about were the exquisite brown water of the Hudson and the incredible heat wave we were experiencing last week. You know it's hot out when even an outdoor water sport doesn't sound appealing! I think the heat index was right around 105 and it was uncomfortable to say the least.


After standing on two sweltering subway platforms and pretty much running the last several blocks to make it there on time, I didn't feel like doing much of anything except maybe throwing up (somewhere air conditioned, of course).

After meeting our instructor and being outfitted with all our gear, we were ready to get our paddle on. My friend Kelly and I were really hoping not to fall in the water, maybe we were being total girls about it, but it's dirty and smells weird. Our instructor let us know right away that there was about a 95% chance we would go in, especially with the rough current that day. I at least thought I would be able to avoid submerging my head/face. I was wrong.

We both took several dips in to that murky water, but it was nice to cool off. SUP is not easy, but it is definitely a great workout. You're using your legs and core for balance while your arms are paddling. I was surprised how quickly my legs got tired and shaky, but we were both a bit low on energy and motivation (borderline heat stroke?), so we ended our adventure a little early and watched from the dock.

Manhattan Kayak Company also offers SUP and Kayak tours.

Pier 66 Boathouse (12th Avenue & 26th Street)

Rating- out of 5 Sweatbands 
Studio- n/a
Instructor- 4
Sweat Factor- depends on weather
Amenities- n/a
Pricing- 4

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