August 14, 2013

DMF's Ultimate Dance Party Workout & Giveaway

Dana and I were super excited to attend an event by DMF (Dance Motivation Fitness). I've been particularly looking forward to trying DMF because I'll find any excuse to shake my booty.  I can often be found dancing around my living room (much to my dog Oliver's disappointment; he's the one stuck being my dancing partner). As the hubb's says… all it takes is the sound of rhythm and beats and I can't help but start to move. DMF looks like something I've been missing in life. As a married woman I don't find myself at the club too often. Sometimes I just miss the dancing, those nights when you walk out drenched in sweat because you got wayyy into your dance moves.  I miss those days, then again I don't miss the sleazy people, expensive bottle service, and club promoter texts on random nights of the week (no, I cannot go to Marquee on a Tuesday night, I have work in the morning!).  DMF seems like the answer to all of this, and a lot cooler than that Zumba class my mom does. Unfortunately, I'm still nursing that ankle sprain so I was majorly disappointed that I could not participate (will this thing ever heal???). But, much to Dana's dislike I was available for in-action picture taking (insert evil laugh… Muah haha ha!!!!)

Initially I was not QUITE as excited to try DMF as Susan was. I was never really much of a club goer/ dancer, but I am always willing to try new things and be a trooper. My dance experience is more like this: I took ballet as a part of my gymnastics training, but not as an actual dancer. Oh and I used to jam out pretty heavily to Club MTV after school. Anyone else remember Downtown Julie Brown? What about The Grind? I was probably the fly-est 5th grader to step foot in the club, and by club I of course mean my basement. So you can imagine my disappointment when Susan told me her sprained ankle would keep her sidelined during DMF. I was glad to have her there for moral support, but less enthusiastic about her endless photo ops. I'm sure there are some real goofball gems in her camera roll. (hopefully already deleted?!)

The scariest part about this class is the unknown. Are the dance moves going to be complicated? Will I look like a fool if I have trouble catching the beat? (much like sitting in the front row of your first SoulCycle class). But as an observer, I can tell you that none of that seemed to matter. The crowd was a total mix, no one is particularly amazing, and no one cares if you're a step or two off. Besides, you're so focused on your own moves that you're not even going to notice the girl next to you. Here, it's all about FUN.  Letting loose after a day's work and burning some calories at the same time. "Shake it like you're in the club… or in your living room!" as told by the instructor. Nobody cares in here, just let loose.

DMF was awesome! The dancing is a combination of styles ranging from hip hop to salsa and the class is structured to work for any fitness level or amount of dance experience. Once I pushed past my initial awkwardness and got going it was quite a sweaty workout. The class went by quickly because it is varied- I especially liked the strength/toning section. Our instructor Lindi (the DMF founder) was awesome, she really kept the energy up and made it fun.

Here's Dana crushing her lunges, can you find her?

I think DMF would be great to pepper into a workout routine that already has some strength work. While there are tons of lower body work mixed with some air punches, you'll want to add some weights or yoga planks to complete a body transformation. Did I mention it looks super fun?!?! Sounds like the prefect spot to burn off some energy on a Thursday night!

Here's a thought, DMF Happy Hour. Drink a shot (or two) then get dancing. Everyone dances better with a drink or two. Then again, maybe that's not the best idea, experience has taught me one or two drinks also causes loss of coordination with a possible sprained ankle.

I agree with Susan that this is a great option to mix in with other workouts. I cannot however condone her mixing alcohol with any sort of physical activity! She tends to get injured and I like having a workout partner.

Bottom line, if you like to shake your booty then this is for you, no matter how much rhythm you may or may not possess.

Rating- out of 5 Sweatbands 

Studio- 4
Instructor- 5
Sweat Factor- 4.5
Amenities- 1
Pricing- 4

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  1. This would be a good way to go for a dance for someone looking to try a variety of styles. There are a great selection of attires available, however yours is pretty good.