September 12, 2013

Spotted, Green Smoothies at Blue Dog Café

King of the Jungle!

Always on the lookout  for a great Green smoothie Dana and I were recommended to try Blue Dog Cafe. I'm embarrassed to say that neither of us have stepped foot into the cafe since it's conveniently within delivery distance from our office and on Seamless. Yes, one the most wonderful things about this city is that just about anything can be delivered to your door.

There are plenty of other local smoothie options but this one by far gives you the most bang for your buck. Their smoothies are the Largest (a whopping 24 oz!!! compared to the usual 16-17oz) for about the same price or less than everyone else. With plenty of dairy-free and/or feel good ingredients, like almond milk, agave nectar , kale, granola, coco water and more, these will have you feeling good all day. Some times we'll add some almond butter to make it filling enough to have for lunch or just as an afternoon pick-me-up if we haven't eaten enough greens on a particular day. 

Some of our fav's include:
  • King of the Jungle: Banana, kale, spinach and almond milk.
  • Queen of the Jungle: Banana, kale, spinach, and fresh orange juice.
  • The Hulk: Banana, pineapple, almond milk and spirulina.

But all of them are great. The menu also includes some great healthy snacks and meals like, Peanut butter caramelized Pear & honey Sandwich… mmm or Egg whites and avocado and tons of juices & snacks. 

And  while they do  serve meat and cheeses they have plenty of options for  vegetarians, vegans and RAW eaters. Keeping just about anyone happy and healthy. Maybe one of these days we'll get around to walking our butts over there... 

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