November 06, 2013

Get Rowing at Brooklyn Crew


Over the weekend I took my first indoor rowing class, or maiden voyage if you will at Brooklyn Crew. It has been a long eight weeks of resting (sort of resting) my injured knee. If a fractured tibia sounds like a strange surfing injury, I KNOW. I don't really understand how it happened either, but lets just say I'm super psyched to finally be at about 85% and mostly off of the disabled list. I have been doing yoga and a little climbing since about week 3 and steadily improving, but I was ready to finally get some serious cardio in.

Let's do this

Brooklyn Crew is New York City's first indoor rowing studio. Launched in Williamsburg in April, the 45 minute high intensity interval rowing classes are lead by former crew coaches and said to burn up to 800 calories. Rowing is one of the few sports that exercises all the major muscle groups with no impact on the joints, which is perfect for a delicate flower like myself.

Ergs (Indoor Rowers) simulate rowing on water
About a 10-15 minute walk from the Bedford L stop, the location is not the most convenient for me, but I am always willing to venture out for a good class and there was a lot to like about Brooklyn Crew right from the start. The studio itself is brand new and very nice. The classes are small (8 person max) and my instructor Michael was awesome- very knowledgeable and motivating.
I also like how much they emphasize correct form, posture and breathing. Several novice classes are required to insure proper technique before graduating to the signature class. The interval format keeps the class interesting and challenging and the digital screens on each Erg help you track your intensity and progress, similar to Revolve. I also love that this is not a "girly" workout, my class was evenly split and it's something you could easily persuade a man friend/ brother/ husband to try with you. Overall this an intense workout that is also fun. I was a bit nervous about how my knee would hold up, but it wasn't bad! I'm hoping to be back on my bike soon and I will definitely be back for another row at BK Crew.

Rating- out of 5 Sweatbands 

Studio- 5
Instructor- 5
Sweat Factor- 4
Amenities- 3
Pricing- 2

20 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11249

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