March 06, 2014

Miami’s 305 Fitness is Turning Up the Heat in NYC

I’ve professed my love of dancing before. Nothing professional or anything, just letting lose with some friends and having a good time…. There may or may not be a video out there with a friend and I doing the entire dance from Gagam Style.

Dance fitness is nothing new, especially in NYC with dance studios on every corner throughout midtown, but 305 Fitness has certainly set a difference pace from the rest.

As soon as you walk in the room you feel the difference, the lights are off and the room is illuminated by dim colored lights. There’s a DJ (no pre-mixed playlists!!!) in the corner spinning your favorite dance & club songs. Wait, is this actually a club in South Beach?!?! The music was certainly good enough to feel like you were in out of this cold NYC winter. None of those cheese ball tunes you hear at weddings either (ugh, if I hear YMCA or the Cha Cha Slide one more time…). The DJ was spinning all of my fav’s from the club (or at least, if I went to the club anymore). There were tons of Rihanna to make anyone to want to sing along, trouble was, your heart is pumping so fast to do the cardio that you couldn't get a single lyric out if you tried. This class was legit hard, anyone could keep up with the dance moves, but the cardio was INSANE!

It’s like spin class, once class starts it STARTS. We were spinning around and breaking it down, all over the room. It was so much fun! And no worries if you can’t land the steps your first try, there’s plenty of space to screw up, and after just a beat or two you’ll be in sync again. It’s like the rules of soul, if you newer or like to dance to your own grove then try to stick to the back of the room. Plus, I was so focused on my own moves that I didn’t even notice if other people were missing steps in the dimly lit room.

Bottom line: if you want to dance you’re a** off (literally, dance the calories away in this dripping sweat class) then I recommend that you sign up tomorrow. It’s either that or book the next flight to Miami…

Rating- out of 5 Sweatbands 

Studio- 3
Instructor- 5
Sweat Factor- 5
Amenities- n/a (in a shared studio)
Pricing- 3

notice the dog watching us

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