About Us

A former gymnast and general fitness enthusiast, Dana loves yoga, pilates and spinning, but is willing to try (almost) anything once. Since moving to NYC over 5 years ago she has been on a mission to find the best workouts, green smoothies and margaritas the city has to offer.

Susan’s constantly on the hunt for the perfect workout: fun, motivating, and body sculpting. Back in high school she was the girl who tried just about every sport. Now as an adult she finds herself still on this quest only this time she’s got this amazing city at her disposal. Susan’s been in NYC for about 7 years now, growing up in Connecticut and Long Island. When she’s not rambling on her posts you can find her drinking wine and eating buffalo wings  spending time with her hubby and crazy french bulldog.

We hope you enjoy joining us around this great city as we try new workouts, discover healthy meals and feed our obsession for green smoothies.